About us

Owner/Author/Law Enforcement & Civilian Trainer

         January 2010 – Present (7 years) Blue Ridge, Georgia

We are a professionally certified and retired law enforcement group providing private organizations, businesses and governmental agencies training and personalized consultations.
Professional Consultations (Train the trainer courses) are available for most of our programs.

We provide courses like CPR/AED certifications, Tactical Causality Care. These courses are for both the Law Enforcement community as well as the civilian community. As a result, We also have products that are associated with the courses all specifically tailored to your profession. 

We create and develop training based on customer’s needs, create Trauma kits, IFAK (Individual First Aid Kits) and sell individual items so that customers can replace items as needed. I also manage a training blog, which proposes industry questions, concerns and brings to light the latest developments.